Tulsa Martial Arts has a variety of Martial Arts Programs at Tulsa Martial Arts. All of our programs are designed to build or improve an individual's: • mental focus • self-control • self-discipline • perseverance • patience We have programs in traditional weapons, self defense style of Kenpo Karate, and martial arts conditioning seminars. Additionally, we offer classes in Kenpo, Jeet Kune Do, with the Kenpo classes including moves from Kobujutsu and Arnis stick fighting.
We have students of all ages! We offer family participation, family discounts, and NO CONTRACTS! Enjoy martial arts WITH your children! For more information, please feel free to read our website details on each style offered and you can contact us by email.

The only school in Tulsa where you can learn the actual art practiced by Bruce Lee. Jeet Kune Do

Note: This is not tournament play martial arts, this is the tough stuff. You don't have to be in great shape or have a bunch of experience in martial arts to become a student.